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The Animals Film – Wikipedia

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– Synopsis:
– Presents a survey of animals in factory farming, as pets, for entertainment, in scientific and military research, hunting, etc.
– Profiles the international animal rights movement.
– Incorporates secret government footage, cartoons, newsreels, and excerpts from propaganda films.

– Release:
– Distributed in cinemas in Britain, Australia, Germany, Austria, Canada, and the United States.
– Broadcast on numerous television networks.
– Generated front-page news in Britain due to Channel 4’s broadcast.
– Screened during Channel Four’s Banned series in 1991.

– Home media:
– A DVD released in 2007 with a new director’s cut.
– British Film Institute released a remastered DVD in 2008 in the UK.
– DVD includes the original uncensored cinema version and the director’s cut.

– Reception:
– Film critic Alan Brien described the film as impactful and transformative.
– Oscar-winning actor Julie Christie credits the film with revealing animal abuse.
– Many viewers became vegetarian after watching the film.
– Singer-songwriter Elvis Costello was moved to reject meat after viewing.

– See also:
List of vegan media.
– “Earthlings,” 2006.
– “Behind the Mask,” 2006.

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