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The End of Animal Farming – Wikipedia

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– Summary:
– Outlines principles of effective altruism
– Details history of humanity’s moral progress
– Documents current state of factory farming
– Discusses strategies like cage-free egg campaigns
– Argues for focus on changing institutions

– Reception:
– Mostly positive coverage
– Noted provocative thesis and emergence of plant-based foods
– Praised for optimistic outlook
– Criticized for focus on effective altruism
– Reviewers emphasized transition to mass consumer appeal

– See also:
– Animal-industrial complex
– Commodity status of animals
List of vegan media

– References:
– Can we end animal farming by the end of the century?
– Lay out a meat-free future thanks to science and tech
– We could end factory farming this century
– Technology and ethics will see the end of animal farming
– Detailed roadmap of how we can end animal farming

– Critical Views:
– Criticized for focus on effective altruism
– Tone described as coolly dry
– Lack of original insights noted
– Emphasis on efficiency criticized
– Constant emphasis on efficiency noted

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