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The Ethics of Diet – Wikipedia

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**Book “The Ethics of Diet”**:
– Covers history of vegetarianism since Ancient World
– Authors mentioned include Ovid, Plutarch, Voltaire, and Percy Shelley
– Not all authors were vegetarians, but critical of meat-eating
– Thomas More cited as a non-vegetarian author
– Provides insights into critical views on meat-eating

**Reception of “The Ethics of Diet”**:
– Provided momentum for Victorian vegetarian movement
– Influential for leading vegetarians like Gandhi and Tolstoy
– Gandhi’s faith in vegetarianism grew after reading the book
– Tolstoy considered it an excellent book on abstinence from animal food
Henry Stephens Salt praised the book’s scholarly and exhaustive nature

**Editions of “The Ethics of Diet”**:
– Russian translation with foreword by Tolstoy in 1892
– Updated edition in 1896 with additional material on various figures
– Abridged edition by Albert Broadbent in 1907
– Became rare, only available in certain libraries
– University of Illinois Press published a new edition in 2003

**References to “The Ethics of Diet”**:
– Original edition published in 1883 in London
– Referenced by various authors and scholars
– Jaime de Magalhães Lima used the book for his 1912 conference
– Gandhi mentioned the book in his autobiography
Henry Stephens Salt also referenced the book in his work on animal rights

**Cookbook Authors Related to Vegetarianism**:
Nava Atlas
Mayim Bialik
Gypsy Boots
– Notable, impactful, influential, and prominent cookbook authors in the vegetarianism field.

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