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The Sexual Politics of Meat – Wikipedia

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– Reception:
– Reviewed by multiple outlets
– Reviewed in NWSA Journal, Etnofoor, and The Womens Review of Books
– The Guardian stated its relevance even after 20 years
– Translated into nine languages
– Republished for 25th anniversary in Bloomsbury Revelations series

– See also:
List of vegan media

– References:
– Origin: Carol J. Adams
– The Book: Carol J. Adams
– Reviews by Stewart Lockie, Jen Hayward, Nell Salem
– Reviews by M. E. Grenander, Milena Veenis
– Review by Bettyann Kevles

– Authors and activists:
Carol J. Adams
Suzanne M. Babich
Phyllis B. Acosta
William Alcott
Bertrand P. Allinson

– Chefs and cookbook authors:
Nava Atlas
Mayim Bialik
Gypsy Boots

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