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The Vegan Studies Project – Wikipedia

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**Establishment of Vegan Studies as an Academic Field:**
– Proposal of vegan studies as a new academic field focusing on veganism as an identity, lifestyle, and ideology.
– Recognition of the book as a foundational work and the first major academic monograph on veganism and the humanities.
– Embracement by reviewers and academics as a significant contribution to academia.
– Creation of foundations for vegan studies noted by scholars.
– Uncertainty among academics about the book’s impact on establishing a new discipline.

**Reception and Impact of the Book:**
– Praise for the book’s clear and personable style by academics.
– Acknowledgment of the book as groundbreaking and launching the new academic field of vegan studies.
– Influence on the interpretation of literary works and academic discourse.
– Establishment of a vegan studies course at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
– Holding of a conference titled ‘Towards a Vegan Theory’ at the University of Oxford.

**Influential Figures in Vegetarianism:**
– Authors, advocates, nutritionists, philosophers, activists, and scholars who have made significant contributions to vegetarianism.
– Notable figures like Carol J. Adams, William Alcott, and Helen Nearing among others.

**Health Benefits and Advocates of Vegetarianism:**
– Advocates for health, medical professionals, dieticians, researchers, and historical figures supporting vegetarianism.
– Contributions from individuals like William Lambe, Lenna F. Cooper, and Ragnar Berg regarding health benefits.

**Culinary and Literary Influencers in Vegetarianism:**
– Chefs, cookbook authors, modern influencers, and ethical advocates promoting plant-based diets.
– Literary contributions from authors, philosophers, poets, essayists, and scholars advocating for vegetarianism.
– Notable influencers such as Nava Atlas, Paul Carton, and Francis William Newman highlighted.

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