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Thirty-nine Reasons Why I Am a Vegetarian – Wikipedia

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– Printed on twelve pages
– Considered a little book and a pamphlet
– Initially sold for 10 cents
– Sold as a paperback with a height of 16 centimetres
– Entered in the Library of Congress on September 8, 1903

– Reasons for a vegetarian lifestyle include optimism
– Meat-eating tends to excite anger
– Mentions historical figures like Wesley and Swedenborg
– Highlights importance of health food advocates like Ferdinand Schumacher
– Clubb attributes his longevity to a vegetarian diet

– Sources include The Online Books Page and HathiTrust
– Reference to Unity and Publishers Weekly
– Mention of specific pages in publications
– Referenced in the International Vegetarian Union
– Cited in The Phrenological Journal and Science of Health

– Clubb’s publication titled “Thirty-nine Reasons Why I Am a Vegetarian”
– Other sources include “Good Health” and “The Vegetarian Magazine”
– Various publications from the early 1900s
– Book by Nancy L. Roberts on American peace writers
Viva! Health publication on vegetarianism

– Authors and figures mentioned in relation to vegetarianism
– Includes historical and contemporary figures
– Notable names like Ellen G. White and Mayim Bialik
– Chefs and cookbook authors associated with vegetarianism
– Diverse range of individuals advocating for vegetarianism

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