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Thomas Lepeltier

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**Thomas Lepeltier**

– **Life and Work:**
– Born on January 4, 1967
– Completed a PhD in astrophysics in 1994
– Taught in Newcastle, Toulouse, and Paris
– Published ‘La Révolution végétarienne’ in 2013
– Became an Associate Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics in 2019

– **Philosophy:**
– Antispeciesist philosophy
– Criticizes justifications for consuming animal products
– Advocates for reducing the suffering of wild animals
– Believes humans should work towards preventing predation
– Engaged with the animalist movement

– **Publications:**
– **As author:**
– ‘Les véganes vont-ils prendre le pouvoir?’ (2019)
– ‘La Face cachée de l’Univers’ (2014)
– ‘Vive le créationnisme! Point de vue d’un évolutionniste’ (2009)
– ‘Darwin hérétique: L’éternel retour du créationnisme’ (2007)
– ‘Univers parallèles’ (2010)
– **As co-author:**
– ‘Les Grands penseurs de l’éducation’ (2018)
– ‘Les grands mythes’ (2017)
– ‘Peter Singer et La libération animale’ (2017)
– ‘Révolutions animales’ (2016)
– ‘La Philosophie, un art de vivre’ (2017)
– **As editor:**
– ‘La Révolution antispéciste’ (2018)
– ‘Histoire et philosophie des sciences’ (2013)
– ‘Un autre cosmos?’ (2012)

– **References:**
– BnF Catalogue général (2011-12-07)
– Angelaki (August 2005)
– Journal of Animal Ethics (2020-04-21)
– Vegactu (2013-02-08)
– Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics (2019-04-19)

– **Controversies:**
– Criticized for condemning all breeding
– Criticized for analogies with human slavery and The Holocaust
– Engaged in debates on French television, radio, and forums
– Regular contributor to popular science magazines
– Editor of the French-language antispeciesist journal ‘L’Amorce’

Thomas Lepeltier (Wikipedia)

Thomas Lepeltier (born 4 January 1967) is a French independent scholar, essayist and science writer specializing in the history and philosophy of science and applied ethics, known in particular for his contributions to the field of animal law. He is the author of several philosophical works on animal ethics such as L'imposture intellectuelle des carnivores ("The Intellectual Deception of Carnivores") and of science history books including Darwin hérétique ("Darwin Heretic") and Univers parallèles ("Parallel Universes"). Known initially as a science historian, he now mainly advocates in defense of animals in the French media.

Thomas Lepeltier
Born (1967-01-04) 4 January 1967 (age 57)
Occupation(s)Scholar, essayist, writer
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