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Uromyces striatus – Wikipedia

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References[edit] – J. Schröt., Abh. Schles. Ges. Vaterl. Kult., Abth. Naturw. Med. 48: 11 (1870)
– Species Fungorum – GSD Species
– NatureServe: 2.1157126
– NCBI: 136422

– Uromyces striatus belongs to the Teliomycotina class
– It is identified by the NZOR code: a88eb7fa-206a-468d-9ce2-ed59fdb7725a
– PPE code for Uromyces striatus is uromyces-striatus
– Fungi species Uromyces striatus was described in 1870
– Joseph Schröter named the species Uromyces striatus

Article Information
– The article about Uromyces striatus on Wikipedia was last retrieved on 26 August 2023
– Categories include Fungal plant pathogens and diseases, Uromyces, and Fungi described in 1870
– Taxa named by Joseph Schröter are also part of the categories
– Hidden categories consist of Articles with short description and species microformats
– All stub articles are included in the hidden categories

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– The article related to Teliomycotina is considered a stub
– Wikipedia invites contributions to expand the fungal plant disease article
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