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Valéry Giroux

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**Education and Career of Valéry Giroux:**
– Obtained LL.B. in 1997
– Became member of Bar of Quebec in 2001
– Completed LL.M. in law with thesis on animal cruelty
– Pursued Ph.D. in philosophy focusing on animal rights
– Serves as adjunct professor at UdeM Faculty of Law

**Philosophical Stance of Valéry Giroux:**
– Advocates for equal moral consideration of all sentient beings
– Opposes ethical utilization of non-human animals by humans
– Supports individual right to freedom for all sentient beings
– Argues for negative or republican freedom over positive freedom
– Stands against welfarism and promotes abolitionist stance on animal rights

**Accomplishments and Publications of Valéry Giroux:**
– Received 1st Prize for Research Professionals Excellence award in 2018 from FRQSC
– Authored ‘Against Animal Exploitation’ in 2017
– Co-authored ‘Veganism’ and ‘Antispeciesism’
– Edited ‘Antispeciesism’ with Angie Pepper and Kristin Voigt
– Upcoming book ‘The Ethics of Animal Shelters’ in 2023

**References and Media Presence of Valéry Giroux:**
– Various sources like Babelio,, and Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
– Regularly invited to speak on animal ethics issues in media
– Co-editor of French-language journal ‘LAmorce’ focusing on antispeciesism

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Valéry Giroux (Wikipedia)

Valéry Giroux (born 24 March 1974) is a Canadian philosopher, lawyer and animal rights activist from Quebec. She is an adjunct professor at the Université de Montréal Faculty of Law, associate director for the Centre de recherche en éthique ("Ethics Research Center"), a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, and an author and speaker on animal ethics issues and veganism, with a notable focus on the topic of antispeciesism through her co-editorship of the antispeciesist journal L'Amorce. Her philosophy argues for the equal moral consideration of all sentient beings, objects to the ethical notion that the utilization of non-human animals by humans as being morally permissible, and advocates for the individual right to freedom for all sentient beings, regardless of their species, emphasizing negative or republican freedom over positive freedom.

Valéry Giroux
Giroux in 2018
Born (1974-03-24) 24 March 1974 (age 50)
Quebec, Canada
EducationUniversité de Montréal (LL.B., 1997; LL.M., 2003, Ph.D., 2012)
Occupation(s)Philosopher, lawyer, activist
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