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Vegan school meal

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**Global Trend towards Vegan School Meals**:
– Traditional school meals in the US and Europe are transitioning to include vegan options due to cultural, political, and nutritional factors.
– Vegan school meals address concerns about nutrition, allergies, cultural diversity, and sustainability.
– The Meatless Monday campaign in the US influenced the addition of vegan lunches in schools.
– Data from the School Nutrition Association shows a significant increase in schools offering vegan options from 5% to 14% between 2006 and 2017.
– Examples of vegan lunch options include sloppy Joes, hummus pizza, root vegetable soup, vegan chicken nuggets, falafel sandwiches, vegan quesadillas, tofu tacos, Kung Pao tofu, and vegan teriyaki burgers.

**Government Mandates and Policies**:
– France mandates a weekly vegetarian menu in schools since November 2019.
– Israel requires schools to serve weekly vegetarian meals, some of which are vegan.
– Brazil’s Conscious Eating Brazil policy led to some districts adding vegan meals.
– California introduced the Healthy Climate-Friendly School Lunch Act for mandatory vegan options.
– The UK, while requiring school meals to include fish, meat, or dairy, is facing calls for vegetarian and vegan options.

**Influence and Advocacy for Vegan School Meals**:
– Climate concerns are driving governments to adopt vegan school meals for environmental and health benefits.
– Advocates for vegan lunches include Sir Paul McCartney, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, and various organizations.
– The meat and dairy lobby still holds influence in many school districts, affecting menu choices.
– Vegan school meals are seen as a positive step towards sustainability and healthier eating habits.
– Various campaigns and policies are pushing for more vegan options in schools worldwide.

**Innovative Vegan School Initiatives**:
– Schools like MUSE School in California, the German International School in India, and Our Lady of Sion School in England are leading the way with fully vegan K–12 schools or kitchens.
– The University of Stirling in Scotland aims to become a vegan university by 2025.
– Schools worldwide are innovating with diverse vegan options such as Fillet Fisch burger, tofu tacos, chickpea wraps, and more.
– Initiatives like Vegan Fridays in New York City public schools and reintroduction of vegan lunches in Portland elementary schools showcase the growing trend of vegan meal programs.

**Health Benefits and Advocacy for Plant-Based Diets**:
– Doctors advocate for plant-based diets and emphasize the need to eliminate meat, bacon, sausages, and milk from school menus.
– Students Union votes for 100% vegan options at Stirling University.
– Historical perspectives on vegetarianism and influential figures in the vegetarian movement highlight the evolution and impact of plant-based diets over time.
– Initiatives like the First UK Plant Based School Kitchen and LAUSD planning district-wide vegan lunches demonstrate the shift towards healthier and more sustainable eating habits in school cafeterias.

Vegan school meal (Wikipedia)

A vegan school meal or vegan school lunch or vegan school dinner or vegan hot lunch is a vegan option provided as a school meal. A small number of schools around the world serve vegan food or are vegan schools, serving exclusively vegan food.

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