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– Development and History:
Veganz founded in 2010 by Jan Bredack and Juliane Kindler.
– Transitioned from supermarkets to wholesaler in 2015.
– Declared bankruptcy of supermarket branch.
– Converted from GmbH to AG in 2019.
– Issued bonds in 2020 for further growth.

– Products and Customers:
Veganz supermarkets offer over 4,500 vegan products from 30+ countries.
– Launched own brand with 50 products in 2015.
– Range expanded to include sweets, meat, fish, cheese alternatives, and more.
– Notable products include The Gourmet mock-cheese and vegan smoked salmon alternative.
– Customer base mainly 18-34 years old, with increasing over-55 age group.

– Partners and Availability:
Veganz products available in various countries including the UK, Austria, and South Africa.
– Sold in stores like dm, Müller, REWE, Lidl, and Whole Foods.
– International presence in drug stores and discounters.
– Marketed in over 10 countries globally.
– Collaboration with various retailers and distributors.

– See Also:
List of vegetarian and vegan companies.

– Notes:
Veganz Group AG established in 2019.
– Group revenue grew by 28% in 2019.
– Securities prospectus available for reference.
– Awards won by Veganz products.
– Additional resources and references for further reading.

Veganz (Wikipedia)

Veganz Group AG (formerly Veganz GmbH) is a vegan brand headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Veganz was founded as the first vegan supermarket chain in Europe.

Company typeAG (public limited company)
IndustryBrand, supermarkets, grocery
FoundedBerlin Prenzlauer Berg, Germany, 2011
FounderJan Bredack and Juliane Kindler
Warschauer Straße 32, 10243 Berlin
Number of locations
Four, as of 2017
Productsvegan groceries
Number of employees

As of 2020, Veganz offers around 165 products in 26 countries, as well as in online stores. Based in Germany, the company opened its first store in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, in the summer of 2011, with 250 square meters of space. Since July 2017, Veganz has four branches, three in Berlin and one in Prague.

The group turnover increased by 28% to 26.6 million Euros in the whole of 2019. Veganz employs around 64 people. The company motto is "Gut für dich, besser für alle" (Good for you, better for everyone).

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