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Vegetarianism and wine

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**Non-vegetarian/vegan additives in wine:**
– Gelatin, isinglass, casein, and egg albumen are common animal products used as fining agents.
– Dried bulls blood was used in some Mediterranean countries but is prohibited in the U.S. and the European Union.
– Gelatin is derived from boiling animal parts and is used in both white and red wines to fix haze/color and adjust flavor or bitterness.
– Isinglass, derived from fish bladders, is mainly used to clear white wines.
– Casein, the main protein in cows milk, is used in red and white wines to clarify and prevent oxidization.
– Egg albumen, from raw chicken egg whites, clarifies red wines by removing excess tannins.

**Vegan and vegetarian alternative fining agents:**
– Carbon, bentonite, and polyvinylpolypyrrolidone are common alternatives to animal products in clarifying wine.
– In Australia, winemakers must label potential allergens like casein and albumin.
– Some winemakers prefer natural settling of sediments over fining for flavor preservation.

**Labeling requirements and allergens in wine:**
– Products are not required to disclose if they are vegan/vegetarian.
– In the U.S., alcohol labels are not mandated to disclose major allergens.
– A study showed minimal allergic reactions to wines fined with milk, fish, and eggs, suggesting labeling is unnecessary.

**Influential figures in vegetarianism and wine:**
Sidney Trist: Vegetarianism advocate, wine enthusiast, and cookbook author.
Jon Wynne-Tyson: Vegetarianism advocate, wine enthusiast, writer, and publisher.
Kathleen Keen Zolber: Vegetarian lifestyle expert, wine pairing specialist, culinary expertise, and author.
– Chefs and cookbook authors: Nava Atlas, Mayim Bialik, Gypsy Boots, BOSH! – Prominent figures promoting vegetarianism and veganism through their cooking and lifestyle choices.

**Prominent personalities in vegetarianism and wine:**
Nava Atlas: Cookbook author promoting plant-based diets with an artistic approach.
Mayim Bialik: Vegan lifestyle advocate, cookbook author, actress, and science advocate.
Gypsy Boots: Early health food promoter, vegetarian advocate, influential figure, and author.
BOSH!: Popular vegan cooking channel, cookbook authors, social media presence, and recipe creators.

The production of wine often includes a process called fining (or "clarifying"), in which fining agents are added to wine to remove proteins, yeast, and other suspended organic particles, and later filtered out. Fining agents can be either animal, carbon, or clay-based. Animal-based fining agents include gelatin, isinglass, egg white (albumen), and casein.

A glass of red wine

Since the fining agent is filtered back out of the wine, the labeling of these additives is not required or regulated in most places. However, the use of animal-derived additives in wine production is a matter of ethical concern in vegetarianism and veganism.

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