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Onion Facts - An Information Guide

Eating Onions

This section is all about eating onions.  So whether that’s that taste of raw onions versus or cooked, or what side effects to be mindful of when consuming onions with other foodstuffs or beverages. 

Have a read through my eating with onions guides below, enjoy!

Cooking with Onions

Cooking with onions is not only taste but also very nutritious.  This section will delve more into some of the best ways to cook and prepare your onions, including the variety of onions available (from white-yellow, red, shallots, and even leeks!  – including).  We’ll cover flavor profiles too  ( e.g. White onions have a milder flavor than yellow onions, ) and also discuss how a variety of cuisines the world over incorporate onions in their recipes. 

So let’s get started.

Nutritional Benefits of Onions

Onions are very nutrient-dense and have many medicinal properties too. One small to medium onion averages around 44 calories but is packed with vitamins & minerals that your body will thank you for. Onions are very high in vitamin C, Vitamin B9, B6, and potassium and are great for Heart Health, controlling blood sugar. 

Did you know that onions have antibacterial properties too?  These little flavor-packed should be a diet staple so let’s get in that in a bit more detail.  Have a read of some of my best onion nutritional benefit guides below.

Information On Onions

In the section above we’ve covered everything from eating, cooking, and prepping a variety of onions and how they can really benefit your health and wellness.  Here you’ll find more generalized onions-based guides and facts.  So let’s get you started. 

Did you know we have National Onion Day?  it is celebrated on June 27th!

Have a read of some of my best onion facts & info guide below.

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