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Arachis – Wikipedia

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– Species
– Arachis comprises about 70 species of annual and perennial flowering plants in the Fabaceae family.
– Arachis hypogaea, known as the peanut, is a major global food crop.
– Some Arachis species like A. pintoi are cultivated worldwide for forage and soil conditioning.
– Arachis species, including the peanut, are food plants for certain Lepidoptera species.
– The genus Arachis was recently placed in the Dalbergieae clade.

– Section Arachis
– Arachis batizocoi, Arachis benensis, Arachis cardenasii, Arachis correntina, Arachis cruziana.
– Arachis duranensis, Arachis glandulifera, Arachis gregoryi, Arachis helodes, Arachis herzogii.
– Arachis hoehnei, Arachis hypogaea, Arachis ipaensis, Arachis kempff-mercadoi, Arachis krapovickasii.
– Arachis kuhlmannii, Arachis linearifolia, Arachis magna, Arachis microsperma, Arachis monticola.
– Arachis palustris, Arachis praecox, Arachis schininii, Arachis simpsonii, Arachis stenosperma.

– Section Caulorrhizae
– Arachis pintoi, Arachis repens.

– Section Erectoides
– Arachis archeri, Arachis benthamii, Arachis brevipetiolata, Arachis cryptopotamica, Arachis douradiana.
– Arachis gracilis, Arachis hatschbachii, Arachis hermannii, Arachis major, Arachis martii.

– Section Extranervosae
– Arachis burchellii, Arachis lutescens, Arachis macedoi, Arachis marginata, Arachis pietrarellii.
– Arachis prostrata, Arachis retusa, Arachis setinervosa, Arachis submarginata, Arachis villosulicarpa.

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