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About Me

I’m Chris Watson and welcome to my site   Eating Better – Feeling Great – Living Longer. 

Let me start by saying that whilst I’m not professing to be an expert or qualified nutritionist (just yet) – although I am studying towards that! I am very much a keen enthusiast and advocate of healthy eating, and nutrition, and focused on improving my general well-being and ultimately my healthspan.

There won’t be any wild or outlandish health-related claims, crazy fads, or obscure diets here – I’m not a guru nor hawking any of that fly-by-night nonsense.

I’m just a regular guy that has a real passion and curiosity for natural foodstuffs, and their purported health and nutritional benefits, and love to research and apply simple practices from what I learn.  Walk the walk.

I am however studying towards formal nutritional and wellness qualifications so will update my bio accordingly.

I also love to construct and test out new and unusual (and sometimes downright weird) recipes and ingredient combos to ensure I consume proper nutrition in proper quantities.

My site will show you how I’m exploring and applying small incremental lifestyle adjustments anchored around what I consume (&Practise) daily and how that will hopefully improve my quality of life – and hopefully my wellbeing & longevity!

Care to join me?

I will share my research and findings borne from these many curiosities and shall do my best to distill insights to form some food-based ideas and concepts.

I hope that if you do join me and adopt any of what I share then you too shall reap their benefits over the near AND long term.

Longevity FTW?

No change in life is easy BUT many tiny battles won over-time shall compound into something remarkable.   That I am sure.

So. Settle in.  Stay awhile. Be kind. Smile.  

And stick with {It|Me} as we aim to add life to our years!

Kindest Regards


The short version of the above and in the simplest of terms

My elevator pitch is this; –  Food & Dietary concepts for optimizing your healthspan and all-around wellbeing. Keep It Simple.