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Dioclea (plant) – Wikipedia

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– Taxonomy:
– A 2020 molecular phylogenetic study revealed that Dioclea, when broadly circumscribed, was not monophyletic.
– Several species were moved to the genus Macropsychanthus.

– Species:
– Dioclea albiflora R.S.Cowan
– Dioclea apurensis Kunth
– Dioclea burkartii R.H.Maxwell
– Dioclea fimbriata Huber
– Dioclea guianensis Benth.

Plant Database:
– Plants of the World Online, as of August 2021, recognized various Dioclea species.
– Examples include Dioclea lasiophylla Mart. ex Benth. and Dioclea ovalis R.H.Maxwell.
– The database listed 55 species in total.

– Taxonomic Classification:
– Dioclea belongs to the Faboideae subfamily within the Fabaceae family.
– The plant genus is part of the Neotropical realm flora.
– Taxonomically, Dioclea is classified under the tribe Diocleae.

– Research Citations:
– The study was published in a scientific journal.
– The publication’s details included volume, pages, DOI, and PMID.
– The study aimed to clarify the phylogenetic relationships within the Faboideae subfamily.

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