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Gidon Eshel

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– Career:
– Studied physics and earth sciences at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
– Obtained MA, MPhil, and PhD on mathematical physics at Columbia University
– Ph.D. thesis at Columbia focused on the coupling of deep water formation and general circulation
– Worked as a postdoctoral NOAA Climate & Global Change Fellow at Harvard
– Served as a faculty member at the University of Chicago

– Research:
– Found that the American diet rich in animal products emits more CO2 than plant-based diets
– American diet results in 1,500 kg of CO2 emissions per person annually
– Advocates against beef consumption due to its environmental impact
– Research shows switching to a plant-based diet can reduce 80% of agriculture-related greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.
– Published findings in Nature journal about the benefits of Americans switching away from meat

– Personal life:
– Supports plant-based diets and follows a mostly vegan diet
– Advocates for environmentally optimal and nutritionally sound plant-based alternatives to meat
– Has been featured in documentaries promoting plant-based diets
– Published books on spatiotemporal data analysis
– Advises Bluefield Technologies on livestock methane emissions

– Books:
– Authored a book on spatiotemporal data analysis in 2012
– Published research papers on environmental physics and plant-based diets
– Contributions to understanding the impact of dietary choices on the environment
– Research on the relationship between livestock farming and greenhouse gas emissions
– Emphasizes the importance of sustainable dietary practices

– Films:
– Starred in the British documentary film “Planeat”
– Featured in the Leonardo DiCaprio documentary film “Before the Flood”
– Advocates for plant-based diets in documentaries
– Raises awareness about the environmental impact of dietary choices
– Participates in films promoting sustainable food choices

Gidon Eshel (Wikipedia)

Gidon Eshel is an American geophysicist best known for his quantification of the "geophysical consequences of agriculture and diet". As of 2017, he is research professor at Bard College in New York. He is known for his research on the environmental impacts of plant-based diets.

Gidon Eshel
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