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Hura crepitans – Wikipedia

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– Sandbox tree can grow up to 60 meters (200 ft) tall
– Large ovate leaves reaching 60 cm (2 ft) in width
– Monoecious with red, un-petaled flowers
– Trunk covered in long, sharp spikes secreting poisonous sap
Fruit is large, pumpkin-shaped capsules that explode when ripe, launching seeds at 70 m/s (250 km/h; 160 mph)

– Prefers wet soil and partial shade to full sun
– Often cultivated for shade
– Tropical tree preferring warm, humid environments

Wood used for indigenous canoes and furniture (known as hura)
– Fishermen use sap to poison fish
– Caribs made arrow poison from sap
– Seeds contain toxic oil for biodiesel and soap production
– Starchy leftovers used for animal feed after cooking

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