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Index of topics related to life extension

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**Ending Aging:**
– Book titled “Ending Aging” published in 2007
– Describes Aubrey de Grey’s biomedical proposal for defeating aging (SENS)
– Also known as West, Dr. Michael D.
– Also known as Williams, George C.
– Michael D. West

**Life Extension Techniques:**
– Caloric restriction
– Exercise
– Antioxidants
– Hormone therapy
– Stem cell therapy

**Key Figures in Life Extension:**
– Aubrey de Grey
– Dr. Michael D. West
– George C. Williams
– Cynthia Kenyon
– Ray Kurzweil

**Organizations in Life Extension Field:**
– SENS Research Foundation
Life Extension Foundation
– Alcor Life Extension Foundation
Longevity Research Institute
– Methuselah Foundation

**Criticism of Life Extension:**
– Ethical concerns
– Social inequality
– Overpopulation
– Environmental impact
– Economic implications

Following is a list of topics related to life extension:

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