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Juglans ailantifolia – Wikipedia

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– Uses:
– Edible nuts with oily texture
– Husks used for yellowish dye
– Common ornamental tree in parks
– Resistant to canker disease
Wood used for furniture

– Cultivars:
– Heartnut with heart-shaped fruit
– Hard to crack with unbroken nut meat
– Sweet without bitter aftertaste
– Hybridizes with butternuts
– Shell material for snow tires

– Diseases:
– Susceptible to walnut bunch disease

– References:
– Study on mating patterns in Juglans ailantifolia
– Analysis of homonymy and hybrid misassignments in nut cultivars

– Characteristics:
– Deciduous tree native to Japan and Sakhalin
– Grows up to 30m tall with light grey bark
– Pinnate leaves with 11-17 leaflets
– Male flowers in yellow-green catkins
– Spherical nuts in green husk; 3-5cm long

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