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Laurel’s Kitchen – Wikipedia

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– **Background and Influence:**
– Laurels Kitchen impacted the natural foods movement in the American counterculture.
– The book “The New Laurels Kitchen” was published in 1986 and sold over a million copies.
– In 1978, “Yoga Journal” featured two reviews of Laurels Kitchen by different authors.
– In 1994, “Vegetarian Times” named “The New Laurels Kitchen” as the best cookbook for beginners.
– Laurel’s Kitchen was highly regarded among cookbook authors, food editors, and chefs.

– **Scholarship:**
– Megan Elias’ book analyzed Laurels Kitchen’s cultural significance and lifestyle impact.
– Scholars praised Laurel Robertson, Carol Flinders, and Bronwyn Godfrey for their efforts against market manipulations.
– Mary Drake McFeely described Laurels Kitchen as the Fannie Farmer of vegetarian cooking.
– Elias’ book and McFeely’s work delve into the cultural and historical importance of Laurels Kitchen.
– Laurel’s Kitchen is recognized as a significant contribution to American culinary history.

– **Bibliography:**
– **Editions:**
– Several editions of Laurels Kitchen were published by the original authors.
– Editions were released in Berkeley, New York, and London.
– The 1986 edition, “The New Laurels Kitchen,” introduced Brian Ruppenthal as a co-author.
– **Additional:** Several related books under the Laurels Kitchen series were authored by the original team.
– The additional books maintained the philosophy and style of Laurels Kitchen.

– **References:**
– Warren Belasco’s book “Appetite for Change” discusses the counterculture’s impact on the food industry.
– Megan J. Elias’ work “Stir it up” explores home economics in American culture and references Laurels Kitchen.
– Various scholarly articles and books have recognized the cultural and historical significance of Laurels Kitchen.
– The impact of Laurels Kitchen on American cooking and culture is evident in scholarly literature.
– The book has been praised for its contributions to vegetarian cooking and lifestyle choices.

– **Authors and Contributors:**
– Notable figures like Laurel Robertson, Carol Flinders, and Bronwen Godfrey were the original authors of Laurels Kitchen.
– Brian Ruppenthal joined the author team for “The New Laurels Kitchen” edition.
– Scholarly reviews and publications have acknowledged the contributions of the authors to American culinary history.
– The authors’ dedication to promoting nutritious food and communal connections is highlighted in scholarly works.
– Laurel’s Kitchen remains a significant work in the history of vegetarian cooking and lifestyle guides.

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