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List of countries by pear production

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**Latest Data:**
– Indicates Agriculture in a specific Country or Territory links.
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– 7.039 production figure.
– Source: FAOSTAT.
– Website:, Retrieved 27 March 2024.

**Global Pear Production Rankings:**
– China leads in pear production.
– Italy ranks second.
– United States holds the third position.
– Spain is the fourth largest producer.
– Argentina follows as the fifth largest producer.

**Trends in Pear Production:**
– Overall pear production is increasing.
– Developing countries show significant growth.
– Consumption patterns influence production trends.
– Technological advancements impact production.
– Climate change poses challenges to production.

**Factors Affecting Pear Production:**
– Weather conditions play a crucial role.
– Soil quality impacts production levels.
– Pest and disease management affect yields.
– Availability of water resources is vital.
– Government policies influence production outcomes.

**Economic Impact of Pear Production:**
Pear production contributes to the economy.
– Employment opportunities in the sector.
– Export market boosts economic growth.
– Local market consumption patterns affect prices.
Pear production supports rural livelihoods.

These tables show pear production by country data from the Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Statistical Database. The estimated total world production for pears in 2022 was 26,324,874 metric tonnes, up by 2.8% from 25,616,665 tonnes in 2021. China was by far the largest producer, accounting for more than twice the rest of the world combined (approximately 73%).

Countries by pear production in 2020
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