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List of countries by rice production

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Production by Country:
– India: 211.9
– China: 195.8
– Indonesia: 189.3
– Bangladesh: 178.3
– Vietnam: 144.0

Production Trends:
– India and China lead in production.
– Indonesia and Bangladesh follow closely.
– Vietnam shows significant production levels.
– Thailand and Myanmar also have notable production.
– Philippines, Brazil, and the United States have lower production levels.

Global Rice Production:
– India, China, and Indonesia are top producers.
– Vietnam and Thailand also contribute significantly.
– Myanmar, Philippines, and Brazil follow in production.
– United States, Japan, and Pakistan have moderate production levels.
– Nigeria has lower production compared to others.

– FAOSTAT is the source of data.
– Data retrieved from
– Information is up to 2022.
– Data is reliable for comparative analysis.
– Statistics may vary annually.

Economic Impact:
Rice production is vital for food security.
– Top producers contribute significantly to global supply.
– Production levels impact local economies.
– Export of rice contributes to foreign exchange.
– Price fluctuations affect global markets.

This is a list of countries by rice production in 2022 based on the Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Statistical Database. The total world rice production for 2022 was 776,461,457 metric tonnes.

Rice production by country (2019)

In 1961, the total world production was 216 million tonnes.

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