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List of fruit dishes

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Fruit Dishes:
– Es teler is a fruit cocktail in Indonesia.
– Tanghulu is a traditional Chinese snack of candied fruit.
– Spotted dick.
– Fancy Waldorf salad.
– Watergate salad.

Fruit-based Desserts:
Apple crisp is an apple-based dessert with streusel topping.
– Avocado and milk in ice is a Filipino dessert.
– Baked apple is a culinary dish.
– Black bun is a type of fruit cake.
– Buckle is a single-layer cake with berries.

Fruit Salads:
– Ambrosia is a fruit salad from American cuisine.
Banana salad.
– Buko salad is a Filipino fruit salad dessert.
– Candle salad is a fruit salad.
– Chutney is South Asian condiments made of spices, vegetables, and fruit.

International Fruit Dishes:
– Arrope is a condiment made from grape juice.
– Aavakaaya is a variety of pickles prepared using mango.
– Barfi or Burfi is an Indian sweet dish made from fruits like Coconut, Orange, and Mango.
– Bionico.
– Blåbärssoppa is a Nordic soup made from bilberries.

Fruit-based Cakes and Pastries:
– Brown Betty is a US dessert.
– Cherries jubilee is a dessert.
– Clafoutis is a French dessert traditionally made of black cherries and batter.
– Clementine cake is flavored primarily with clementines.

This is a list of notable fruit dishes. Fruit dishes are those that use fruit as a primary ingredient. Condiments prepared with fruit as a primary ingredient are also included in this list.

Mango pudding
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