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List of international rankings

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International Rankings:
– Countries ranked by GDP
– Education system rankings
– Healthcare system rankings
– Global competitiveness index rankings
– Press freedom index rankings

Rail Transport Network Size:
– Top countries with the largest rail networks
– Length of rail tracks per country
– High-speed rail network rankings
– Freight transport capacity via rail
– Investment in rail infrastructure

Police Forces Size:
– Countries with the largest police forces
– Police officers per capita
– Budget allocation for law enforcement
– Specialized police units statistics
– Crime clearance rates

Public Sector Size:
– Countries with the largest public sector workforce
– Public sector expenditure as a percentage of GDP
– Public sector employment trends
– Government agencies per capita
– Public-private partnership statistics

– Top weightlifting nations
– Olympic weightlifting records
– Weightlifting championships winners
– Weightlifting equipment market size
– Weightlifting training facilities statistics

This is a list of international rankings by country.

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