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Lunaria annua – Wikipedia

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– Description:
– Annual or biennial plant
– Grows up to 90cm tall by 30cm broad
– Large, coarse, pointed oval leaves with serrations
– Bears terminal racemes of white or violet flowers in spring and summer
– Produces showy, green through light brown, translucent, disc-shaped siliques

– Distribution:
– Native to southern Europe from Spain to Romania
– Introduced to many parts of the world with temperate climates

– Names:
– Latin name “lunaria” means moon-shaped
– Siliques sometimes called moonpennies
– Common names include money plant, moneywort, penny flower, silver dollar
– “Judaspenning” in Dutch
– Allusion to the story of Judas Iscariot

– Symbolism:
– Represents honesty, money, and sincerity in the language of flowers
– Considered protective in witchcraft
– Used in spells for prosperity
– Included in flying ointment recipes
– Corresponds astrologically to the moon

– Cultivation:
– Easy to grow from seed
– Tends to naturalize
– Grown as a biennial
– Suitable for shady or dappled areas
– Flowers and dried siliques used in flower arrangements

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