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Proboscidea (plant) – Wikipedia

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– Fruits of all species are edible before ripening
– Can be steamed and eaten like okra
– Some species used in basket weaving
– Seeds eaten by certain tribes for dietary oils
– Used as a remedy for rheumatism

– P. parviflora ssp. fragans
– P. parviflora ssp. parviflora var. hohokamiana
– Devils claw fruits of P. parviflora var. hohokamiana
– Devils claw capsule of Proboscidea althaeifolia
– Devils claw seeds of Proboscidea althaeifolia

– Devils Claws –
– Basket Jar – Metropolitan Museum of Art
– BRIT – Native American Ethnobotany Database
– Retrieved 2022-09-22

**Usage in Basketry:**
– Tohono Oodham use varieties with longer claws
– Chemehuevi use devils claw pods in basketry
– Hia C-eḍ Oʼodham and Tohono Oodham eat the seeds
– Seeds provide important source of dietary oils
– P. parviflora used in basket weaving

**Medicinal Uses:**
– P. parviflora used as remedy for rheumatism
– Seeds provide important dietary oils
– Fruits edible before ripening
– Used in basket weaving
– Some species used for medicinal purposes

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