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Sixty-eighth session of the United Nations General Assembly

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Leadership and Organization:
– Antigua and Barbuda’s UN Ambassador John William Ashe was elected as the president of the United Nations General Assembly for the 68th session.
– Croatia was selected for the first seat, and officers for the Main Committees were elected.
– The session emphasized the importance of addressing challenges like lack of electricity, clean water, and sanitation.
– The General Assembly’s role in resolving the Syrian crisis was a key focus.

General Debate and Agenda:
– The General Debate featured representatives speaking on various issues concerning their countries.
– Member states, observer states, and supranational bodies had speaking slots.
– Speeches were limited to five minutes for states and seven minutes for supranational bodies.
– The theme chosen for the session was ‘The Post-2015 Development Agenda: Setting the Stage!’

Key Issues Addressed:
– The session addressed issues such as migration, nuclear disarmament, Millennium Development Goals, and disabilities.
– A High-Level thematic debate on investment in Africa was mandated.
– Security Council reform was discussed as a challenging issue.

Resolutions and Elections:
– Notable resolutions, including 68/262 on the 2014 Crimean crisis, were discussed.
– Elections were held for non-permanent Security Council members, with Saudi Arabia declining its role.
– Namibia, Macedonia, and Vietnam were elected as Human Rights Council members for the first time.
– Controversy arose over some countries’ commitment to human rights protection.

Media Coverage and Member States Involvement:
– Various media outlets covered the session, including Voice of America, Reuters, Al Jazeera English,, and Daily Times.
– Member states like Saudi Arabia, China, and Russia were involved in winning seats on the UN Human Rights Council.
– Sudan’s President applied for a US visa to attend the UNGA, and there was coverage on Sudan’s participation in the summit.

The Sixty-eighth Session of the United Nations General Assembly opened on 17 September 2013. The President of the United Nations General Assembly was chosen from the GRULAC with Antigua and Barbuda's John William Ashe being the consensus candidate, thus bypassing the need for an election.

Sixty-eighth Session of the United Nations General Assembly
← 67th 17 September 2013 – 16 September 2014 69th →
President of the 68th General Assembly
John William Ashe
Host country United Nations
Venue(s)General Assembly Hall at the United Nations Headquarters
CitiesNew York City
ParticipantsMember States of the United Nations
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