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Slutty Vegan

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– History:
– Founded by Pinky Cole in August 2018
– Started as a ghost kitchen for late-night vegan food delivery
– Utilized sex-themed branding for attracting non-vegan customers
– Promoted heavily through social media and word-of-mouth
– Expanded from shared kitchen to brick-and-mortar locations in various cities

– Menu:
– Offers burgers, hot dogs, and chicken sandwiches
– Items have suggestive names like Fussy Hussy and One Night Stand
Recipe for ChikN Head sandwich featured in Parade magazine

– Locations:
– Operates five locations in Metro Atlanta and a plant-based bar
– Recent openings in Athens, Columbus, Birmingham, Brooklyn, and Harlem
– Plans to open a new location monthly in different cities in 2023
– Scheduled to open on Spelman College campus in fall 2023
– Features a mobile food truck for pop-ups in the South

– See also:
– List of Black-owned restaurants

– References:
– Covered in various publications like CNN, The New York Times, and Essence
– Notable features in articles discussing growth and impact
– Collaboration with Shake Shack for plant-based burger release
– Lawsuit over lost wages from ex-employee in progress
– Plans for further expansion with 11 locations in multiple states

Slutty Vegan (Wikipedia)

Slutty Vegan is a vegan hamburger restaurant chain, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Slutty Vegan
FoundedAugust 2018; 5 years ago (2018-08) in Atlanta, Georgia
FounderPinky Cole
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