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Trichilia emetica – Wikipedia

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– Subspecies:
– Trichilia emetica has two subspecies: emetica and suberosa.
– T. emetica ssp. emetica is restricted to southern Africa.
– Subspecies suberosa occur northwards of the Zambezi River.

– Distribution:
– Trichilia emetica trees are found in riverine vegetation and open woodland.
– Their distribution ranges from KwaZulu-Natal Province of South Africa to Tropical Africa.

– Description:
– Trichilia emetica is an evergreen, medium to large tree, up to 25 m high.
– It has separate male and female plants with a dense, spreading crown.
– The leaflets are dark glossy green above with lower surface sparsely to densely hairy.
– Flowers are creamy green, sweetly scented, and bloom from August to November.
– The fruit is a dehiscent capsule with black seeds enveloped by a bright red aril.

– Gallery:
– Seeds
Fruit and seed
– Leaves
– Seeds and compound leaf (showing insect damage)

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