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Vaccinium vitis-idaea – Wikipedia

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**Botanical Information**:
– Commonly known as lingonberry or cowberry
Genus name Vaccinium
– Growth characteristics like spreading by underground stems and root structure
– Varieties: V. vitis-idaea var. vitis-idaea (cowberry) and V. vitis-idaea var. minus (lingonberry)

**Ecology and Conservation**:
– Conservation status: Endangered in Michigan, special concern in Connecticut
– Hardy plant tolerating extreme cold temperatures
– Soil preferences: shade, moist, acidic; intolerant to alkaline soils
– Leaves retained in winter

**Cultivation and Culinary Uses**:
– Commercial cultivation since the 1960s
– Cultivars grown for ornamental purposes
– Culinary uses: popular in Europe, used in jams, juices, and with meat dishes
– Nutritional information: water, carbohydrate, protein content, caloric value, vitamins, and minerals

**Traditional and Other Uses**:
– Traditional medicinal uses: apéritif and astringent properties
– Traditional uses by indigenous groups
– Other uses like coloring, tobacco additive, and substitutes

**Related Species and Miscellaneous Information**:
– Differences from cranberries
– Hybrids with other Vaccinium species
– Explanatory note on the name reference to Mitchella repens
– References: IUCN Red List documentation and research on lingonberries in the Northern United States

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