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Garlic Facts - An Information Guide

Eating Garlic

This section is all about eating garlic, and the many versatile ways you can do, that.  Whether that’s eating it raw, flavoring dished, or supplementation.  We’ll cover the many and best ways for consuming garlic, and doing so safely and what it does for your diet.

Have a read-through from eating garlic guides – and hopefully, you’ll avoid any side effects such as bad garlic breath.  Enjoy.

Cooking with Garlic

If you’re looking for tips on how to cook with garlic, how to prep, or even measure the quantities of your garlic cloves, powder of granules then this section is for you. We’ll cover some great cooking tips but also a few favorite recipe guides too.

We love a hint of garlic in many of our dishes! Happy Cooking

Nutrition Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic has been used as a medicine for thousands of years, but only recently have we really started to understand the true health benefits that garlic can provide. It’s amazing what this wonderful herb can offer.

This section will dig into garlic health properties but also how you can incorporate into which ever diet or lifestyle you lead. 

Information On Garlic

In the sections above we’ve covered eating garlic, cooking and prepping, and also understanding what nutritional values are packed into those glorious garlic bulbs.  But now it’s time for some more generalized information, some garlic facts if you will.

Maybe stumble on the odd tip or find out how much garlic is needed to thwart off those vampires!

Fun Garlic Fact: Did you know there’s a National Garlic Day?  It’s is observed on April 19 each year

Happy Reading!

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