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Annales des Sciences Naturelles – Wikipedia

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**Journal Description:**
– Scientific journal with botanical descriptions
– Published in Paris
– First series had 30 volumes (1824-1833)
– Covered physiology, anatomy, zoology, botany, mineralogy, and geology
– Follow-up series included “Annales des Sciences Naturelles; Botanique”

**Publication Details:**
– At least 8 follow-up series issued
– Most follow-up series had 20 volumes
– Published over 10 years
– Volumes available on
– Corrections noted in hand-written annotations

**Volume Information:**
– Typo corrections in print noted in specific pages
– Some volumes published after the stated year
– Specific publication dates mentioned in the volumes
– Detailed information provided in the table
– Notable corrections and discrepancies highlighted

– Retrieved from Wikipedia page
– Categories include zoology, botany, and anatomy journals
– Established in 1824
– Disestablished in 1937
– Hidden categories related to article descriptions

**External Links:**
– Journal homepage link available
– Additional information on the Wikipedia page
– Links to related categories
– No direct links to specific volumes
– Potential sources for further research

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