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Aph Ko

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– Early life and education:
– Ko has an older sister, Syl.
– Became a vegetarian in high school.
– Holds a B.A. in Womens and Gender Studies and an M.A. in Communication/Media Studies.

– Philosophy:
– Ko believes Racism uses animality to oppress non-human beings.
– Objects to comparing animal exploitation to human enslavement.
– Encourages acknowledging violence against nonhumans as part of the project of ‘animality.
– Urges recognition of white supremacy’s ruthlessness towards all beings.

– Black Vegans Rock:
– Created List of 100 Black Vegans and Black Vegans Rock website.
– Addressed the lack of representation of Black vegans in mainstream media.
– Aimed to change the narrative that veganism was only for white people.
– Acknowledged for giving black vegans a voice by PETA in 2019.

– Books:
– Author of “Racism as Zoological Witchcraft: A Guide to Getting Out.”
– Establishes connection between white supremacy and animal use.
– Co-author of “Aphro-ism: Essays on Pop Culture, Feminism, and Black Veganism from Two Sisters.”
– De-centers whiteness and critiques colonialism, race-thinking, and animality.
– Argues animality as a Eurocentric concept oppressing non-white Homo sapiens.

– Awards:
– Received the 2015 Anti-Racist Changemaker of the Year Award from Sistah Vegan Project.

Aph Ko (Wikipedia)

Aph Ko is an American writer, vegan activist, and digital media producer. She is the author of Racism as Zoological Witchcraft: A Guide to Getting Out (2019), co-author of Aphro-ism: Essays on Pop Culture, Feminism, and Black Veganism from Two Sisters (2017), and creator of the website Black Vegans Rock.

Aph Ko
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