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Candlenut oil

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– Known as Spanish walnut in Jamaica
– Referred to as Belgaum walnut oil in India
– Also called kekune oil in Sri Lanka

**Commercial Value**:
Candlenut oil is included in drying oils
– The oil is used as an illuminating oil
– Solvent extraction yields a light yellow oil
– Oil obtained by expression may be dark from impurities
– Roughly half the weight of the kernel is oil

**Chemical Composition**:
– Sample from petroleum extraction had saponification value of 179.1
– Iodine number was 155.5
– Reichert value was 2.82
– Typical composition: 15% oleic acid, 40% linoleic acid
– Less than 30% linolenic acid content

**Fatty Acid Composition**:
– Polynesian nut oil samples showed consistent fatty acid composition
– Oils from Maritime Southeast Asia had different unsaturated content
– Analysis of a different sample showed stearic acid as the highest component
– Oleic acid content ranged from 16-25%
Linolenic acid content was less than 3%

**Historical and Current Uses**:
– Historically valued as an emollient
– Currently primarily used in skin-care products
– Acts as a mild cathartic similar to castor oil
– Cake from pressing acts as a purgative if ingested
– No change in fatty acid composition over a 10-year period in Polynesian nut oil samples

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Candlenut oil (Wikipedia)

Candlenut oil or kukui nut oil is extracted from the nut of Aleurites moluccanus (Aleurites triloba), the candlenut or kuku'i.

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