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Derek Sarno

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– Co-founder of Wicked Kitchen with brother Chad
– Former Director of Plant Based Innovation at Tesco
– Co-founder of plant-based seafood company Good Catch Foods
– Previously Senior Global Executive Chef at Whole Foods Market
– Advocate for increasing availability and convenience of plant-based food

– “Wicked Healthy” listed in Top 100 Vegan Cookbooks of All Time
– Co-authored “The Wicked Healthy Cookbook” with Chad Sarno
– Published by Grand Central in 2018
ISBN: 978-1455570287

– Co-authored “Wicked Smart. Wicked Healthy” with Chad Sarno
– Mentioned in articles by The Guardian, One Green Planet, Mens Journal, and Miami New Times
– Recognized by Tasting Table and VegNews for plant-based chef contributions
– Contributed to Tesco’s increased vegetarian and vegan product sales
– Emphasizes a diet of 80% healthy and 20% indulgent food

Health & Fitness:
– Notable figures include David L. Katz, Michael Klaper, and Susan M. Levin
– Historical works on vegetarianism date back to the 19th century
– Various authors and activists advocating for vegetarianism
– Contributions from chefs and cookbook authors in the plant-based movement

– Named one of the 21 Plant-Based Chefs You Need To Know in 2023
– Listed among the 37 Creative Chefs Crafting the Future of Vegan Food
– Contributed to Tesco’s expanded meat-free options for Christmas
– Advocates for less emphasis on the vegan label in promoting plant-based food
– Strong advocate for making plant-based food accessible and appealing to a wider audience

Derek Sarno (Wikipedia)

Derek Sarno is an American plant-based chef, cookbook writer and co-founder of the website Wicked Kitchen.

Derek Sarno
Occupation(s)Chef, author
FamilyChad Sarno (brother) Jake Sarno (son)
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