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Greta Gaard

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**Academic Contributions**:
– Gaard applies ecofeminist theory to literary criticism and composition instruction.
– Ecofeminist Literary Criticism: Theory, Interpretation, Pedagogy was the first anthology to explore ecofeminist theory’s impact on literary criticism.
– Gaard’s International Perspectives in Feminist Ecocriticism offers a diverse collection of scholarship.
– Gaard extended ecofeminist theory by linking it with queer theory.
– Gaard’s 1997 article, Toward a Queer Ecofeminism, highlighted intersections between ecofeminist and queer theories.
– Gaard’s anthology, Ecofeminism: Women, Animals, Nature, introduced new theoretical intersections.
– Gaard’s recent scholarship addresses various ecofeminist themes and perspectives.
– Gaard’s work aims to develop a queer ecofeminism perspective.
– Scholars emphasize the importance of defining ecocriticism and addressing values for broader impact.

**Environmental Activism**:
– Gaard was a founding member of the Minnesota Green Party.
– Gaard’s book, Ecological Politics: Ecofeminists and the Greens, explores the Green movement’s transition to a political party.
– Gaard emphasizes the importance of collaboration for social and environmental justice.
– Gaard’s activism spans participation in the Green movement and ecofeminist initiatives.
– Gaard’s work advocates for a coalition of progressive communities for transformative change.
– Gaard was a member of Feminists for Animal Rights.
– Gaard has engaged in activism against anti-labor and anti-environment policies.
– Gaard participated in solidarity actions for various environmental justice causes.
– Gaard opposes projects like Enbridge’s Line 3 pipeline for their environmental impact.
– Gaard’s activism extends to global trade policies, climate capitalism, and indigenous rights.

**Creative Works**:
– Gaard has published fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.
– Gaard’s book, The Nature of Home, focuses on ecological connections within places.
– Gaard initiated an Open Letter to the Environmental Humanities during the COVID-19 pandemic.
– Gaard’s creative works explore ecological themes and connections.
– Gaard encourages aligning environmental scholarship with ethical behaviors.
– ‘Queer by Nature’ in Love, West Hollywood (2008)
– ‘Explosion’ in Ethics & Environment (2003)
– ‘Family of Origin, Family of Land’ in Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment (2001)
– ‘Ecofeminism and Home’ in IRIS: A Journal about Women (1998)

**Scholarly Publications**:
– ‘Unstoried Air, Breath, Embodiment’ in ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment (2020)
– ‘Mindful Ecofeminism and the Multispecies Sangha’ in Tarka 3 (2020)
– ‘Toward a Feminist Postcolonial Milk Studies’ in American Quarterly (2013)
– ‘Ecofeminism Revisited: Rejecting Essentialism and Replacing Species in a Material Feminist Environmentalism’ in Feminist Formations (2011)
– ‘New Directions For Ecofeminism: Toward a More Feminist Ecocriticism’ in ISLE (2010)
– ‘Milking Mother Nature: An Ecofeminist Critique of rBGH’ in The Ecologist (1994)
– ‘Misunderstanding Ecofeminism’ in Z Papers (1994)

**Multimedia and Documentaries**:
– ‘River Farm, An Intentional Community’ (1998)
– ‘Ecofeminism Now!’ (1996)
– ‘Thinking Green: Ecofeminists and the Greens’ (1994)
– ‘Building Green Communities’ (1993)
– ‘We, The People: The 1993 March on Washington for Gay, Lesbian, and BiEqual Rights’

Greta Gaard (Wikipedia)

Greta Gaard is an ecofeminist writer, scholar, activist, and documentary filmmaker. Gaard's academic work in the realms of ecocriticism and ecocomposition is widely cited by scholars in the disciplines of composition and literary criticism. Her theoretical work extending ecofeminist thought into queer theory, queer ecology, vegetarianism, and animal liberation has been influential within women's studies. A cofounder of the Minnesota Green Party, Gaard documented the transition of the U.S. Green movement into the Green Party of the United States in her book, Ecological Politics. She is currently a professor of English at University of Wisconsin-River Falls and a community faculty member in Women's Studies at Metropolitan State University, Twin Cities.

Greta Gaard
Occupation(s)Ecofeminist writer, scholar, activist, and documentary filmmaker
Known forGaard documented the transition of the U.S. Green movement into the Green Party of the United States in her book, Ecological Politics
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