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John A. McDougall

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John A. McDougall’s Background and Contributions:
– Interest in medicine sparked at age 18 after a stroke.
– Graduate of Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.
– Started the McDougall Program in Santa Rosa in 2002.
– Advocates a diet based on starches, fruits, and vegetables.
– Member of the advisory board of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
– Co-founded Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods Inc.
– Contributions to Vegetarian Times magazine and TV talk shows.

McDougall’s Diet Philosophy and Programs:
– McDougall diet is low-fat, starch-based, high-fiber, and vegan.
– Advocates for no animal products or added oils.
– Offers a 10-day residential treatment program with a low-fat, vegan diet.
– Promotes diet as an alternative treatment for chronic disorders.
– Woodland-based company produces dried soups for the diet.
– Diet may lead to limited food choices and potential nutritional deficiencies.

McDougall’s Publications and Impact:
– Authored several books with over 1.5 million copies sold.
– Titles include ‘The McDougall Plan’ and ‘The Starch Solution.’
– Influence on dietary guidelines and promotion of plant-based diets.
– Contribution to weight loss programs and chronic illness interventions.
– Relationship to myelin production in the central nervous system.

Criticisms and Controversies Surrounding McDougall:
– Lawsuits against USDA and DHHS.
– Allegations of industry influence on food policy.
– Challenges to government guidelines on cholesterol.
– Contradictory views on dietary recommendations.
– Criticisms of extreme concepts and lack of scientific support in some books.

Collaborators, References, and Further Reading:
– Collaboration with the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
– Features in Better Homes and Gardens and Sacramento Business Journal.
– Articles like Science-Based Medicine on the McDougall Diet.
– Additional resources on plant-based diets, vegetarianism, and health.
– Historical perspectives on vegetarianism and related figures.

John A. McDougall (Wikipedia)

John A. McDougall (born May 17, 1947) is an American physician and author. He has written a number of diet books advocating the consumption of a low-fat vegan diet based on starchy foods and vegetables.

John A. McDougall
Born (1947-05-17) May 17, 1947 (age 76)
EducationMichigan State University College of Human Medicine (M.D.)
  • Physician
  • author
Known forAdvocacy of the "McDougall Plan", a low-fat fad diet based on starchy foods and vegetables
Notable work
  • The McDougall Plan (1983)
  • The Starch Solution (2012)

His eponymous diet, called The McDougall Plan was a New York Times bestseller. It has been categorized as a low-fat fad diet. The diet rejects all animal products as well as cooking oils, processed food, alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks. As with any restrictive low-fat diet, it may lead to flatulence, possibly poor mineral absorption from excess fiber, and limited food choices that may lead to a feeling of deprivation.

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