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List of countries by meat production

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– Top Meat Producing Countries:
– United States: 24.8 million tonnes
– China: 11.4 million tonnes
– Brazil: 9.5 million tonnes
– Germany: 5.7 million tonnes
– Spain: 4.5 million tonnes

– Impact of Meat Production:
– Contributes to greenhouse gas emissions
– Requires large amounts of water and land
– Linked to deforestation for livestock farming
– Raises concerns about animal welfare
– Influences global food security

– Trends in Meat Consumption:
– Rising meat consumption in developing countries
– Shift towards higher meat consumption in emerging economies
– Growing popularity of plant-based meat alternatives
– Health and environmental concerns driving dietary changes
– Influence of cultural and economic factors on meat consumption

– Environmental Consequences:
– Methane emissions from livestock
– Water pollution from meat processing
– Land degradation due to livestock grazing
– Biodiversity loss from habitat destruction
– Energy-intensive nature of meat production

– Future Outlook:
– Projected increase in global meat demand
– Need for sustainable meat production practices
– Potential for technological innovations in meat alternatives
– Policy interventions to address meat consumption impacts
– Shift towards more plant-based diets for environmental sustainability

The following article lists the world's largest producers of meat. Global meat production has increased rapidly over the past 50 years. According to Our World in Data, meat production has more than quadrupled since 1961, reaching around 357 million tonnes in 2021. The most popular meat globally is poultry, followed by pork, beef and mutton. Over 90 billion animals are slaughtered each year for meat.

Global meat production by region
Meat supply per person
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