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List of countries by soybean production

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– Sum of values for countries with available data
– Data may be official or FAO data based on imputation methodology

– Crops
– Retrieved on 11 June 2022

**Top Soybean Producing Countries:**
– United States
– Brazil
– Argentina
– China
– India

**Soybean Production Trends:**
– Increasing demand for soybean products
– Technological advancements in farming practices
– Climate change impact on soybean production
– Shifts in global trade agreements affecting production
– Research and development in genetically modified soybeans

**Economic Impact of Soybean Production:**
– Contribution to GDP in top producing countries
– Employment opportunities in the soybean industry
– Export revenue generated from soybean trade
– Influence on local and global food prices
– Investment in infrastructure for soybean cultivation

This is a list of countries by soybean production from 2016 to 2020, based on data from the Food and Agriculture Organization Corporate Statistical Database. The total world production for soybeans in 2020 was 353,463,735 metric tonnes, up 5.1% from 336,329,392 tonnes in 2019. Brazil was the largest producer, accounting for 34% of world production, followed by the United States at 32%.

Countries by soybean production in 2020

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