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List of countries in the Americas by life expectancy

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SUBTOPIC: World Bank Group (2021)
– Data filtered for countries in the Americas
– Values rounded in World Bank Group tables
– Calculations based on raw data
– Illusory inconsistencies in indicators due to rounding
Life expectancy estimates for various countries

SUBTOPIC: Life Expectancy Trends
– Increase in life expectancy from 2019 to 2021
– Varied changes in life expectancy across countries
– Overall improvement in life expectancy in the Americas
– Notable declines in specific regions
– Impact of rounding on reported life expectancy values

SUBTOPIC: United Nations Data (2022)
– Analytical agency estimation for 2022
– Default sorting by 2022 data
Life expectancy figures for different countries
– Comparison of life expectancy trends with previous years
– Notable changes in life expectancy values

SUBTOPIC: Regional Comparisons
Life expectancy data for North America
Life expectancy data for Latin America & Caribbean
– Specific country comparisons within regions
– Trends in life expectancy over time
– Factors influencing life expectancy variations

SUBTOPIC: Country-Specific Data
Life expectancy statistics for individual countries
– Variances in life expectancy within the Americas
– Impact of economic and social factors on life expectancy
– Comparison of life expectancy values to regional averages
– Analysis of life expectancy trends by country

This is a list of American countries by life expectancy at birth.

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