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List of German states by life expectancy

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**Life Expectancy in German States**:
– Average life expectancy in Germany: 80.76 years (Destatis 2020/2022).
– Baden-Württemberg: 81.91 years.
– Bavaria: 81.38 years.
– Hesse: 81.10 years.
– Hamburg: 80.90 years.
– Tübingen: 82.4 years (Eurostat 2019—2022).
– Stuttgart: 82.6 years.
– Freiburg: 82.3 years.
– Karlsruhe: 81.8 years.

**Life Expectancy Trends and Analysis**:
– Comparative analysis with other countries by the World Bank Group.
– Gender-specific analysis of life expectancy and healthy life expectancy.
– Comparison of Germany’s life expectancy with other European nations.
– Development of life expectancy trends in Germany vis-à-vis major global countries.
– Comparison of life expectancy in Germany with other populous European countries.

**Data Sources and References**:
– Federal Statistical Office of Germany reports life expectancy by sex and state.
– Data on deaths and life expectancy available from the Federal Statistical Office.
– Eurostat provides detailed life expectancy data by sex and region.
– World Bank and WHO offer comprehensive life expectancy information.
– Wikimedia Commons and other sources for additional life expectancy data.

**Factors Influencing Life Expectancy**:
– Socioeconomic status as a significant factor.
– Impact of healthcare access on life expectancy.
– Influence of lifestyle choices and environmental factors.
– Correlation between education levels and life expectancy outcomes.

**Regional Disparities and Longevity Trends**:
– Variations in life expectancy across German states and NUTS 2 regions.
– Gender disparities in life expectancy at birth.
– Analysis of overall life expectancy trends for Germany.
– Insights into longevity trends over different periods from available datasets.
– Importance of historical data in informing future projections and public health priorities.

The official statistics of Germany, available on the Destatis website, do not include total life expectancy for the population as a whole. For a more correct comparison of regions with various differences in life expectancy for men and women, a column with the arithmetic mean of these indicators was added to the tables.

Life expectancy in the German states in 2020/2022 for male
Life expectancy in the German states in 2020/2022 for female
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