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Macrozamia – Wikipedia

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Genus of cycads with partially submerged bole or tree
– Small to medium height
– Bears a crown of palm-like fronds
– Dioecious plants bear large cones
– Cones become larger when ripening on the female

– Greatest species diversity in eastern Australia
– Concentrated in southeast Queensland and New South Wales
– One species in the Macdonnell Ranges of Northern Territory
– Three species in the southwest region of Australia

Genus first described in 1842 by Friedrich Anton Wilhelm Miquel
– Common name “burrawang” used for all species in the genus
– Informal names include “rickets” and “zamia palm”
– State listings use various names for the genus
– Different species within the genus have specific names

– Various species include M. lucida, M. moorei, M. elegans, M. diplomera, M. dyeri
– Taxonomic details published in Flora of Australia and Flora of New South Wales
– Research on gene duplications and phylogenomic conflict in gymnosperms
– Studies on phenotypic evolution in cycads
– Detailed information available on Australian Plant Name Index and other databases

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