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Marta Dymek

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– Early Life:
– Grew up in Wrocław, Poland
– Attended 14th High School in Wrocław
– Graduated from University of Wrocław
– Majored in Interdisciplinary Individual Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences
– Studied gender studies at Institute of Literary Research of Polish Academy of Sciences

– Culinary Work:
– Founded culinary blog “Jadłonomia” in 2010
– Won Blog of the Year in Culinary category in 2013
– Published first book “Jadłonomia: 100 Recipes Not Only for Vegans”
– Book presented at Expo 2015 in Polish pavilion
– Taught food studies at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities

– Views on Veganism:
– Ambassador of “Roślinnie Jemy” campaign
– Supports pragmatic veganism and effective altruism
– Advocates for plant-based cuisine to promote vegetarianism and veganism
– Emphasizes impact of intensive animal farming on environment
– Stresses ethical, ecological, and environmental arguments for veganism

– Publications:
– “Jadłonomia: 100 Recipes Not Only for Vegans” (2014)
– “New Jadłonomia: Plant-based Recipes from Around the World” (2017)
– “Jadłonomia po polsku” (2020)

– References:
– Multiple sources cited for Marta Dymek’s work and achievements

Marta Dymek (Wikipedia)

Marta Dymek ([ˈdɨmɛk]; born 3 July 1990) is a Polish chef, blogger, author of cookbooks, and an advocate for plant-based cooking.

Marta Dymek
Marta Dymek
Born (1990-07-03) 3 July 1990 (age 33)
Wrocław, Poland
Alma materUniversity of Wrocław
Occupation(s)chef, cookbook author, blogger
Years active2010–present
Zbigniew Fingas, Marta Dymek, Literary Heights Festival, Nowa Ruda, 2020
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