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– Synopsis:
– Production of beef requires 15,455 liters of water per kilogram.
– Consumption of meat per person per year: 75kg in the United States, 60kg in Germany, 38kg in China, and under 20kg in Africa.
– Pigs can reach market weight with 10-15% less food on antibiotics.
– Overuse of antibiotics leads to antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
– Reference to the Beef hormone controversy.

– Overview:
– Figures from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization provided.
– Water requirements for cheese, rice, and carrots highlighted.
– Consumption statistics for different regions shared.
– Impact of antibiotics on pig food consumption explained.
– Mention of the Meat Atlas report.

– See also:
– Reference to the Beef hormone controversy.
– Additional resources related to meat consumption.
– Link to the Meat Atlas report.
– Information on the soybean empire in Latin America.
– Mention of the changing world of meat eaters.

– References:
– Source: Damien McGuinness, Meat Atlas charts a changing world of meat eaters, BBC News.
– Source: Mona Chalabi, Meat atlas shows Latin America has become a soybean empire, The Guardian.

– Further reading:
– Media related to Meat Atlas available on Wikimedia Commons.
– Meat Atlas resources from Friends of the Earth and Heinrich Böll Foundation.
– Articles on industrial meat and agriculture in Germany.
– Alarm over soaring world meat consumption highlighted.
– Information on vegetarianism and related literature.

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