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Meat-free sausage roll

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[COMPOSITION] – Meat-free sausage roll: puff pastry tubes around meat substitute filling
Linda McCartney Foods: produces soya-based meat-free sausage rolls
– Greggs meat-free sausage roll: made with Quorn mycoprotein mixture
– Greggs in the UK: launched meat-free sausage roll in 2019
– Impact: Greggs’ meat-free sausage roll contributed to 50% profit increase

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A meat-free sausage roll (also known as a vegetarian sausage roll or vegan sausage roll) is a savoury pastry snack that contains a non-meat filling. The snack is an alternative to the conventional sausage roll that generally contains pork or beef. Meat-free sausage rolls are sold at retail outlets and are also available from bakeries as a take-away food.

Meat-free sausage roll
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