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Moral Inquiries on the Situation of Man and of Brutes – Wikipedia

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– Reception:
– One contemporary reviewer found the book’s structure puzzling but praised Gompertz’s principles.
– The reviewer noted the humane and laudable nature of the author’s proposals.
– Despite some faults in judgments, the book was recommended for magistrates and men in power.
– Gompertz’s observations were deemed excellent.
– The book’s tendency towards humane proposals was highlighted.

– Legacy:
– T. Forster published a treatise addressing Gompertz in 1839.
– Henry S. Salt included Gompertz’s book in his bibliography of animal rights.
Gary L. Francione and Anne E. Charlton consider Gompertz’s work progressive and radical.
Peter Singer recognized similarities between Gompertz’s arguments and his own.
– Stephen Bostock praised Gompertz’s rigorous ethical investigation.

– Editions:
– Centaur Press released a new edition of the book in 1992, edited by Peter Singer.
– Edwin Mellen Press published an edition in 1997, edited by Charles R. Magel.

– References:
– Monthly Catalogue, Miscellaneous.
– The Monthly Review, Or, Literary Journal.
– Salt, Henry Stephens’ “Animals Rights Considered in Relation to Social Progress.”
– Francione and Charlton’s work in “The Oxford Handbook of Animal Studies.”
– Gompertz’s book editions by Singer and Magel.

– Notable Figures:
Carol J. Adams.
Henry Stephens Salt.
Peter Singer.
– Steven M. Wise.
Gary L. Francione.

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