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Neonotonia wightii – Wikipedia

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– Accepted subtaxa: Neonotonia wightii var. longicauda (Schweinf.) J.A.Lackey, Neonotonia wightii var. mearnsii (De Wild.) J.A.Lackey, Neonotonia wightii subsp. petitiana (A.Rich.) J.A.Lackey, Neonotonia wightii subsp. pseudojavanica (Taub.) J.A.Lackey, Neonotonia wightii subsp. wightii

– Plants of the World Online by Board of Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
– Feedipedia – Animal Feed Resources Information System by Feedipedia, a programme by INRAE, CIRAD, AFZ and FAO
– Ciência Rural, 49 (7), by Lista, Fábio Nunes; Deminicis, Bruno Borges; Almeida, João Carlos de Carvalho; Araujo, Saulo Alberto do Carmo; Zanella, Pablo Giliard (2019)
– Information on perennial soybean (Neonotonia wightii)
– Stubs related to Phaseoleae articles on Wikipedia

– List of synonyms: Glycine albidiflora De Wild., Glycine bujacia Benth., Glycine claessensii De Wild., Glycine laurentii De Wild., Glycine longicauda Schweinf., Glycine mearnsii De Wild., Glycine micrantha Hochst. ex A.Rich., Glycine petitiana (A.Rich.) Schweinf., Glycine pseudojavanica Taub., Glycine rooseveltii De Wild., Glycine wightii (Wight & Arn.) Verdc., Glycine wightii var. coimbatorensis A.Sen, Johnia petitiana A.Rich., Johnia wightii (Wight & Arn.) Wight & Arn.

Geographic Distribution:
– Native to: Sub-Saharan Africa, Yemen, India, and Sri Lanka
– Widely introduced in: Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, northern Argentina, Mascarene Islands, Peninsular Malaysia, Java, New Guinea, Queensland and New South Wales in Australia, Fiji
– Shade-tolerant plant

Binomial Name:
– Scientific name: Neonotonia wightii
– Previously known as: Wight & Arn.
– Current classification: J.A.Lackey

– Perennial soybean species
– Belongs to the family Fabaceae
– Used as forage in various regions
– Notable for its shade tolerance
– Varied subtaxa accepted within the species

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