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Phaseolus coccineus – Wikipedia

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– Originated in Central America around 2000 BC
– Often grown as ornamental plants
– Can grow up to 3 meters in length
– Pods can reach 25 centimeters in length
– Beans can be over 2.5 centimeters in size

– Grown for food and ornamental purposes in North America and Europe since the 1600s
– Pods eaten whole when young and not fibrous
– Seeds can be used fresh or dried
– Used in various cuisines worldwide
– Cultivars include Scarlet Runner, Black Runner, and White Dutch Runner

– The Plant List: A Working List of All Plant Species
– Germplasm Resources Information Network
Invasive Species Compendium
– The Cultural History of Plants
– Scarlet Runner Beans – GROWS 10 TALL!! Ancient Beans for Cool Weather

– Aeron Purple Star (not available commercially)
– Black Runner
– Butler
– Painted Lady
– Polestar

– Judiones de la Granja in Spain
– Käferbohnen salad in Austria
Bean Pilaki and Piyaz in Turkey
– Gigantes plaki in Greece
– Elephant beans in Greek cuisine

– Flowers attract hummingbirds, bees, and insects
– Pods sold as green beans in European markets
– Starchy roots eaten in Mesoamerica
– Basis of regional dishes like Judiones de la Granja
– Cultivated for their attractive flowers and beans

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