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Renan Larue

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– **Early Life and Education**:
– Born in the Côtes-dArmor
– Studied French literature at Paris-Sorbonne University
– Graduated in 2000 with a BA
– Obtained three masters degrees in history, philosophy, and classical literature
– Awarded a PhD in French literature in 2011

– **Career**:
– Assistant professor of French literature at the University of California, Santa Barbara
– Offered a course in vegan studies in 2016
– Runs the Vegan Studies program at the University of California, Santa Barbara

– **Writing**:
– Authored “Le végétarisme et ses ennemis” in 2015
– Co-authored “Le véganisme” in 2017
– Published “Le Végétarisme des Lumières” in 2019
– Authored the preface to “La révolution antispéciste”
– Explores history of vegetarianism and veganism in his works

– **Awards**:
– Received Best PhD Dissertation Award in 2011
– Awarded Prix La Bruyère silver medal in 2016 by the Académie Française

– **Selected Works**:
– “Pensées végétariennes” (2014)
– “Le végétarisme et ses ennemis” (2015)
– “Le véganisme” (2017)
– “Le végétarisme des Lumières” (2019)
– “La pensée végane” (2020)

– **References**:
– Various sources like Ouest-France, Santa Barbara Independent, Le Monde,, and RFI mention Larue
– Larue’s works and contributions are cited in academic and journalistic articles
– He is associated with the Department of French and Italian at UC Santa Barbara

Renan Larue (Wikipedia)

Renan Larue is a French writer, literary scholar and historian of vegetarianism. He is the author of several books on vegetarianism or veganism, including Le végétarisme et ses ennemis (2015), a history of vegetarianism from Pythagoras until the modern day, and La pensée végane: 50 regards sur la condition animale (2020). In 2016 he offered the first course in vegan studies in the United States at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Renan Larue
Larue in 2013
Occupation(s)Historian, professor, writer
Known forCreating the first vegan studies course in the United States
Notable workLe végétarisme et ses ennemis (2015)
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